Folgers Coffee Review

Folgers Coffee Review Brief Summary

Price: At a grand total of $5.72, Folgers Gourmet Supreme is extremely affordable (5/5)

Flavor: The flavor is average at best.  It is a dark roast and definitely has a bold flavor, but is nothing special. (3.5/5)

Smell: The smell is actually decent, but does not reflect the taste like you think it would. (3.5/5)

Effectiveness:  (3.5/5)

  • 15 minutes after:  lifted sense of happiness and elevated heart rate
  • 1 hour after:  minor upset stomach
  • 6 hours after: minor upset stomach, shaking hands

Score: 77.5%

Folgers Coffee Review

Yes, this is actually me drinking the Gourmet Supreme

You have probably heard of the Folgers coffee brand.  It is one of bigger and more popular brands alive today.

For those of you reading this who have known about Folgers for some time, what do you think of first?

Are you excited to enjoy some quality coffee? do you think of the smell?

For others who may not know about Folgers, what are you interested to know about it?

This review aims to take an in-depth look at Folgers, and get an accurate experience with the brand.

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What This Folgers Coffee Review Will Look At

  1. Cost
  2. Packaging/Advertising
  3. Flavor
  4. Smell
  5. Effectiveness
  6. Who this coffee is for

Gourmet Supreme Cost

Folgers Gourmet SupremeFirst things first.  This will probably be the shortest section of the review.

The cost of this coffee is outstanding! It was $5.72, which makes it incredibly affordable, even for college students.  Don’t let the affordability of it scare you just yet!

If you are anything like me, then you will be skeptical of cheap products.  I tend to think that if it is cheap, then it must be of lower quality…

…Luckily for Folgers, this wasn’t totally the case and it was actually enjoyable!

Folgers Gourmet Supreme Packaging and Advertising

Naturally upon taking my first gaze at the Folgers coffee container I was drawn to three separate things.

  1. Folgers Gourmet SupremeThe “Gourmet Supreme” logo
  2. The Light/Dark meter right below the flavor logo
  3. the “90” in the top left corner

In my head I had a voice say “Whoa! for not even $6 this looks cheap, but the logo does make it look pretty delicious.”

I’ll be very honest with you, I really struggled with this purchase.  It was cheap and I really wanted to tackle a more renowned coffee blend.

I knew that I was going to write a review but for some reason I was just very intrigued by this particular company and forced myself to buy it, brew it, drink it and review it.

The Logo

You will notice the very colorful design and probably also the alluring background of coffee beans.  What I want to draw your attention to is in the top left corner however…

…You will notice the “90” first probably.  The claim is that you can make 90 cups of coffee on this one particular container of Folgers Gourmet Supreme.  This is true, but also false.

Folgers Gourmet SupremeIf you look closer you will see that it does in fact make 90 cups IF you plan on having 6 ounce cups of coffee.  The majority of people will not even mess with a 6 ounce cup of coffee.  In fact, most people assume that an average cup of coffee will consist of 8-12 ounces of coffee.

Again, if you are anything like me, you will assume your average cup to hold around 12 ounces of coffee.  In reality this container would only make me at most 45 cups of coffee.

In the past every single time I have purchased store-bought cheap coffee I always received the headaches, horrible taste and low quality rush.  for $5.72 however, I was going to wrestle this coffee for the truth.

Nevertheless it wasn’t too bad, but I still need to cover everything that happened in-between.

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Folgers Gourmet Supreme Flavor

Folgers Gourmet SupremeIf you are still reading and wondering what the flavor could be like for coffee grounds that cost less than $6, then this section is for you!

As with any coffee that costs less than $6, you will never be impressed by its deliciousness.  This coffee blend however wasn’t too bad to be completely honest…

…I wasn’t about to run out of my kitchen and yell its praises from the highest mountains, but I didn’t hate it.  In fact, it really wasn’t that bad.

This section is completely dependent on how you like to drink your coffee.  This coffee will taste great with any sort of cream and/or sugar.  If you like black coffee alone then it is just average, but not in a way that you will dislike.

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Folgers Gourmet Supreme Smell

Folgers Gourmet Supreme CoffeeThe smell of Folgers is actually intriguing.  As I fired up my Mr. Coffee machine I noticed the scent.  The aroma immediately created multiple scenarios in my mind where I might smell such a coffee roast.

The first few places I could have seen myself smelling that coffee in were: a diner, a work office or simply, my house back in high school as my parents rushed off to work.

==> Folgers Gourmet Supreme

The smell of this Folgers Gourmet Supreme blend is actually decent.  It won’t overpower your kitchen or smell like Heaven.  In fact, it may give you the shivers as you get happy waiting for your coffee to brew.

Folgers Gourmet Supreme Caffeine Effectiveness

Folgers Gourmet Supreme CoffeeOne of the biggest areas to cover is how effective the actual caffeine content is in Folgers Gourmet Supreme.  An extremely small percent of people who drink coffee do so for another reason primarily over the caffeine rush.

The moment of truth approached as I poured the coffee into my official review mug, and brought the coffee to my mouth.  I took a small sip of the coffee, and then a few more…

…As time moved on I had some pretty stereotypical coffee side effects.

A.  15 Minutes After: I definitely had that initial boost of optimism that comes with drinking coffee.  I had to go to the bathroom already and my heart rate was up a little bit.

B.  1 Hour After:  I had what I call anxiety stomach.  It didn’t hurt or feel sick, but it felt uneasy, as if I was nervous about something.  My fingers were jittery a little bit.

C.  6 Hours After: Ready for a second cup of coffee.  My initial effects have worn off, except for the jittery hands.  I did have a small amount of appetite suppression but was now very hungry.

So how do I rate this compared to my average coffee experience?

I say it was just average.  I know I always have to go to the bathroom after a few minutes into my first cup of coffee, so it wasn’t unexpected when it happened.  Realistically the coffee did nothing that was out of the ordinary for me.  Not crazy awesome, but definitely good coffee for the price.

Based on the effects I would say that Folgers Gourmet Supreme probably would have been my best friend back in college.  Would I buy again? Yes I would!

Who Was Folgers Gourmet Supreme Made For?

Folgers Gourmet SupremeCollege Students…

…Of course a couple years ago when I was just a college student at Kutztown University I learned to love cheap coffee.

I was absolutely broke and got used to consuming some pretty horrible coffee. I would have loved Folgers, but now is a different story.

This coffee should be considered high quality for individuals in college.  The taste is okay and the caffeine gets the job done for a cheap cost.


…This is more or less for the parents who are crunched on time after getting the kids ready for school in the morning before they speed off to work.  In need of quick coffee that will definitely caffeinate you without the experience of a rich taste? This is for you!

Final Thoughts On Folgers Gourmet Supreme

Should you buy? YesFolgers Gourmet Supreme

Are you wasting time and money? Not so much, again, this blend isn’t that bad and is entirely up to your coffee standards

Would I Recommend Folgers Gourmet Supreme? No, I will stick to my guns on this and still recommend Death Wish Coffee (check out my review of Death Wish Here) although this blend of Folgers wasn’t that bad.


Stay Caffeinated My Friends…

-Caden Strause