Weight Loss

Coffee Is Outstanding For Periods Of Fasting..

The concept of coffee weight loss is easy to understand and implement.  Here are two points to help you get on your way to losing weight.

  • Coffee weightlossThe average cup of black coffee contains less than 4 total calories, which is small enough to actually keep your body in a fasted state…
  • While in a fasted state, black coffee makes you feel full.  The caffeine in black coffee has a satisfying property to it and makes your body’s appetite disappear!

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Coffee Helps You Lose Weight…

Black coffee is a diuretic. That means it makes your body expel fluids from the body.  This helps you keep your water weight down. Water weight can often add over 5 pounds.

Black coffee also has thermogenic properties, that means it helps you burn calories.  Coffee helps your body to heat up, which actually burns more calories while doing nothing different.

Caffeine is a powerful fat loss tool.  This is the reason that gym enthusiasts use caffeine related fat burners, or pre-workouts…

…but you don’t need those.  Black coffee will do just the trick combined with clean eating and an active lifestyle.

coffee weight loss

Try These FREE Tips For Coffee Weight Loss

  1.  Upon waking do not immediately eat (unless you have a blood sugar condition) but drink coffee on an empty stomach.  You will experience your appetite vanishing.  The body will burn more fat due to its fasted state.
  2. Before you go to the gym, have a cup of coffee about 30-45 minutes before.  It will be easier to stay energized and burn more calories.
  3. One popular method has been to blend grass fed butter and coconut oil in coffee.  The blend of fats trigger your body to burn more fat calories.

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Black Coffee Increases Your Metabolism

coffee weight lossBecause of what was said above, the thermogenic properties allow your body to heat up and burn more calories for hours after consumption.

It is recommended that you drink coffee in moderation on an empty stomach.  The body which has no food to burn heats up.   Your body will burn the fat off of the frame.

Furthermore, black coffee helps you to get rid of all of that water weight, which makes you seem so much heavier on the scale. This makes coffee weight loss important for your motivation.

You Can Start Losing Weight Right Now

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