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Price Of Coffee – A Guide To Save You Money

On this page you will be shown the math made simple to help you understand what you are paying for.  Is it possible that Death Wish Coffee is actually better than Star Bucks and Dunkin’ Donuts?

Here are the rules:

  • Star BucksDeath Wish Coffee will be pit against the two top selling coffee businesses Star Bucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Each of the stats will be taken straight from the businesses themselves.
  • We will look at black coffee specifically to get the most accurate results
  • The comparison will be made between an average 12oz cup from all three competitors

Coffee Nutrition

Company Size (0z’s) Caffeine (mg) mg’s per ounce
Dunkin’ Donuts 12oz 180mg 15mg per ounce
Star Bucks 12oz 235mg 19.58mg per ounce
Death Wish 12oz 728mg 60.67mg per ounce

First Look Results

Star BucksYou can see that of the three brands, Dunkin’ Donuts actually comes out to be the weakest per fluid ounce.

You can also see that Death Wish Coffee contains literally contains 3-4 more times the amount of caffeine than Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.

You would need to drink four cups of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, or three cups of coffee from Star Bucks just to equal one cup of Death Wish Coffee.

So we can observe that Death Wish Coffee actually does come out as the champion of caffeine based on sheer caffeine content per 12oz cup.

But there is still one more comparison that needs to be made…pricing!

Coffee Price – Death Wish Coffee / Star Bucks / Dunkin’ Donuts

Next thing we will look at is how many ounces you are purchasing and at what price to determine how much you are paying for the caffeine per ounce.  After all, who drinks coffee without the want/need for that caffeine rush?

We will be looking at 1 pound bags being sold by each company.  check this out

Company Size mg’s per ounce Price ($)
Dunkin’ Donuts 1lb 15mg per ounce $8.99
Star Bucks 1lb 19.58mg per ounce $12.95
Death Wish 1lb 60.67mg per ounce $19.99

So we can see that per pound Death Wish Coffee is asking for $19.99 as the highest, and Dunkin’ Donuts is only charging $8.99 per pound.


before you instantly make up your mind about which is more cost effective effective consider this…

How much as your paying for the caffeine in your coffee? weird, right? have you ever considered what you are actually paying for the amount of caffeine in your coffee?

So for the our last look we will dive into the amount of money you are paying. basically, how much bang for your buck are you getting?

Star Bucks

Final Coffee Price Comparison

Company Size @ caffeine mg’s Price ($) Price ($) per caffeine mg
Dunkin’ Donuts 1lb @ 15mg/ounce $8.99 $0.04 per mg
Star Bucks 1lb @ 19.58mg/ounce $12.95 $0.04 per mg
Death Wish 1lb @ 60.67mh/ounce $19.99 $0.02 per mg

You can see that before you may have only been paying $8.99 for a pound of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but you are actually paying less money for your caffeine by investing in Death Wish coffee!

Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks had drastically lower caffeine content when compared to Death Wish.  Because their caffeine content was lower and so was their price it gives off the illusion that you actually getting the better deal by purchasing their coffee.

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Coffee Price Conclusion

Star BucksAs it turns out, you pay less for every mg of caffeine, and get 3-4 times more power per cup of coffee from Death Wish Coffee.  You will need to drink less Death Wish to feel more effects from the amount of caffeine it contains.

Depending on how you manage your Death Wish Coffee consumption, you can save money per ounce of caffeine.

You make it last much longer than the Dunkin’ Donuts and Star Bucks coffee products.

As the pricing charts would indicate, Death Wish Coffee is still the champion and is recommended above all other brands.

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Stay Caffeinated My Friends

– Caden Strause