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These coffee reviews are based on actual personal experiences, coupled with the experiences of others.The mission is to explore all coffee products to find out the truth behind the blend.

For the most-part you can expect to see individual scoring for:

  • Price
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Caffeine Effectiveness

As well as a conclusion for who specifically should drink the particular blend of coffee and a final score.  Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know what you thought of the coffees.

Biohazard Coffee Review – Challenging Your Beliefs On Coffee

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Biohazard Coffee Review (Quick Summary)

Who is this for: Coffee drinkers looking for a fun, yet challenging cup of coffeeBiohazard Coffee Review

Taste: Very bold (4/5)

Cost: Only $19.99 for a devastating roast (3.5/5)

Caffeine Strength: 928mg’s of caffeine per average cup (5/5)

Aroma: Present but not overwhelming (4/5)

Would I Recommend? Without a doubt!

Score: 82.5%

There isn’t enough space for me to rave about this coffee so I’ll leave it at: I become super mom.” – Kate Carden

This coffee is excellent. It’s got a nice smooth flavor and man does it Pack-a-Punch. I expected it to be bitter but it was far from that. I think this is better than death wish coffee. Very pleased with my purchase and will definitely buy it again” – Dave B.

Fast delivery. Absolutely amazing flavor and taste for any coffee let alone a hyper-caffeinated variety. We have tried it in the regular coffee pot and in our French Press and it was incredible. Cannot recommend this product enough.” – Tim Rodgers

Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard Coffee ReviewYou and your friends/significant other are drinking coffee…

…Of course at some point someone is arguing that they love coffee more than you do…

…We all have that one friend with too much caffeine pride.  How do you prove that you are the superior coffee drinker?

It is too early most times to truly care, but you entertain the argument.  They suggest that your coffee:

  • isn’t as strong as theirs
  • doesn’t taste as truly gross/black as their cup
  • didn’t cost as much as their cup, or took less time to make

Bringing Biohazard Coffee into the argument is like brings a machine gun to a sling shot fight.  Looking to win that argument? challenge their central nervous system to a cup of Biohazard!

Why Biohazard Is The Answer To The Argument

Biohazard Coffee ReviewBiohazard Coffee comes out of the gate swinging with over 928mg’s of caffeine.  The average cup of brewed coffee has around 240mg’s of caffeine per 12oz cup.

This means that Biohazard is about four times stronger than any of their coffee.

Biohazard is a specialty coffee, and is specifically brewed to be powerful and shocking!

Biohazard is technically stronger that any of the commercial coffees sold in the world currently.  For whatever reason I found that Biohazard coffee is also not really known.

Other competitor coffees like Black Insomnia and Death Wish Coffee are wildly popular, and while you probably haven’t heard of Biohazard Coffee it is stronger and costs pretty much the same.

Who Is Biohazard Coffee For?

Biohazard Coffee ReviewBiohazard Coffee products are not for the faint of heart and should be respected.  The caffeine content isn’t lethal but still has a heavy presence.

Do NOT drink this if your interest in coffee is satisfied by a single cup of Folgers in the morning before work.  Why? because if you aren’t an avid fan of coffee in general you will probably find the caffeine content annoying.

This coffee is for people like myself, and others, who simply just LOVE coffee.  Biohazard is for people who take every opportunity to explore every coffee they come across.  This is for people who love to brag about their ability to make a mean cup of coffee.

Biohazard is especially for college students!

how do I know this? Since my graduation from Kutztown University I have realized important coffee is to students in their mind.  Once in a while I will make my way back to campus to visit some friends and the lines in the cafes are always packed out.

Biohazard is strong enough for a college student’s nervous system to handle it, but also for them to sip on as they pull all-nighters for projects, homework and studying for finals.

Biohazard Coffee Review – Taste

Biohazard Coffee ReviewThe taste was really great.  I brewed the coffee and came back a few minutes after I had put in my mug so that taste buds wouldn’t be destroyed by heat…

…I brought the mug to my mouth and took a nice sip…

Man, it was a very bold and dark tasteThere was no hint of watered down, or weak roasting processes.

The taste was great, and was one of those tastes you hope you coffee will possess.  If you wore a blindfold you would be able to tell the difference from Biohazard Coffee and other generic store-bought brands.

Biohazard Coffee Review – Cost

Biohazard Coffee ReviewBiohazard Coffee is very affordable for being the strongest coffee in existence.  It comes up at $19.99 for a solid pound.  You should not be able to go through a pound of this very quickly.

A small amount of this coffee is the equivalent of an average cup.  you could drink 6oz’s of Biohazard and it would be like drinking two cups of coffee.

On top of it only being $19.99 you can also use Amazon and their system to save a dollar or two.  You could pay $18.99 depending on what you want.

Biohazard Coffee Review – Caffeine Levels

Biohazard Coffee ReviewNow on my quick review at the top I gave this a 5/5 because this is pure hard power in a cup…

As stated before, Biohazard has around 920mg’s of caffeine per 12oz cup of coffee

…Even though I gave this a 5/5 I do have a small problem with this as a drinker of it.

The caffeine is so powerful and I am a relative lightweight with caffeine (low caffeine tolerance) so it really smacks me in the face.  This is a problem that a lot of introverts have.


(Read about introverts and coffee)

Biohazard Coffee Review – Aroma

Biohazard Coffee ReviewOne of the things I loved most about Biohazard Coffee is the smell.

It has the kind of smell that gets you excited about drinking your morning brew.  It is simply, beautiful…

Now I didn’t give this category a 5/5 because I do not believe there is truly a perfect smell.

While Biohazard Coffee does smell great, it won’t fill your house or overpower you.  However, it will be enough to help wake you up!

Biohazard Coffee Review – Conclusion

Listen, Biohazard is nothing to treat casually.  This coffee might actually be the strongest coffee on earth.  With one single gulp you can the same caffeine dosage as drinking a single cup of coffee.

As always, I do not advise drinking more than one cup.  This coffee will do its job and keep you awake.  Although I would advise anyone to try some for themselves.

This coffee will be on the list of favorites for a long time.


Stay Caffeinated My Friends

– Caden Strause


Top 5 Strongest Coffees in The World

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“What Is The Strongest Coffee In The World?”

Strongest Coffee In The WorldYou’re halfway through your first cup of coffee…

“This wasn’t too strong, I guess I will need to pour a second cup.” We tell ourselves as we are off to work or classes.

The caffeine is starting to hit your brain and you are feeling it, but not as intensely as you wanted.

Then you have a thought, as small one that sets forth a thought process.

I wonder what the strongest coffee in the world is like?

Welcome O’ Corsair of Caffeine! Today is your lucky day, because you are about to get the answer to that question above.  Buckle up and prepare for Central Nervous System Domination.  The list in not in order.

1. Banned Coffee

Banned CoffeeWhile this brand boasts many things such as: vitamins, great taste and strong aromas, they have another interesting claim.  Banned Coffee brags that they are the “strongest coffee in the world.”

Banned Coffee claims to have 237 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz cup!

the average person is allowed to consumer up to 400 mg’s of caffeine before overdose symptoms occur, so you can still have a little more than 6oz’s of Banned Coffee before it will get weird for you.  We advise you also drink in accordance with what you body can handle.

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Whether Banned Coffee is the strongest coffee in the world or not is up for a debate, but there is one thing that is definite about Banned Coffee.  It. Is. STRONG!

Banned Coffee

2. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish CoffeeYou may have heard of Death Wish Coffee before.  In fact, they had their company advertised during the Super 50 football game.

From humble beginnings to global caffeine superpower, Death Wish Coffee makes the list due to sheer power.  Take a look at the bag to the left of this, there is a skull and crossbones.  Talk about intimidation factor!

According to their website, and, Death Wish Coffee has 374 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz! Death Wish even has a unique “No B.S.” return policy.  Their policy is that if Death Wish Coffee isn’t the strongest coffee you have ever had, they will gladly give you your money back.

==> Take Them Up On Their “No B.S.” Return Policy

So basically one 6oz cup of deathwish is good for any individual.  One thing you can be sure of with Death Wish Coffee is also the quality of taste!  This is done through what Death Wish calls a “perfect roasting process”

Whether the website is accurate in their claim to strength or not, you can rest assured that Death Wish Coffee may be the strongest coffee in the world. Check out my more in-depth Death Wish Coffee Review.

Death Wish Coffee Caffeine

3. Black Insomnia

Black Insomnia CoffeeBlack Insomnia is somewhat of a covert killer among the others ranking on this list.  Have you even heard of Black Insomnia? probably not, but you should get acquainted with this coffee company, and quick!

This particular coffee makes a monstrous claim similar to Death Wish Coffee, and that is the power of their blend.

Coming out of the bushes on you with a total of 351 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz cup, this coffee deserves respect.

From the information presented on their website it looks like this is the coffee for individuals who prefer black coffee.  The mix of vulgarity and warnings about consuming too much of this coffee leads us to believe this is the real deal.  

( Wake Up And Say “NO” To Sleep! Buy Black Insomnia Now! )

While being slightly less caffeinated than Death Wish Coffee, their top review claims that Death Wish is for pre-schoolers compared to this coffee.

Black Insomnia Coffee

4. Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard CoffeeBiohazard Coffee may take the cake for dangerously caffeinated coffee.

Black Insomnia told us above on their website that they scaled back their caffeine levels to make it safe for the public, but Biohazard doesn’t seem to think the same way.

Biohazard proudly boasts on their website that they have over 928 mg’s of caffeine for a 12oz cup.

This means their claim to fame is 464 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz cup.  As stated above, the average person experience overdose symptoms after 400 mg’s of caffeine.

When we talk about overdose, we don’t mean death either.  We are talking about THESE signs.

==> Check Out Biohazard Coffee Now!

In any case, this coffee will beyond a shadow of a doubt bring you out of your sleepy state in the morning.  Their company also states FREE SHIPPING to US customers

As with all highly caffeinated drinks, we advise that you gauge what you personally are capable of, and drink with caution.

Biohazard Coffee

5. Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee CoKiller Coffee let’s their buyers know that the coffee is “industrial strength” grade caffeine.

It is safe to say that they are not wrong, as their coffee is listed at 305 mg’s per 6oz cup.  While that is not the strongest on the list, be aware that it can still knock you on your butt.

This company is particularly fun to also order from, because for the most part you get merchandise with your coffee purchases.  The merchandise varies between normal mugs, bullet casings, grenade mugs and skull mugs.

In any case this is yet another coffee roast that demands your respect.

The coffee also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

( Check Out Killer Coffee Now And Cheat Death! )

Strongest Coffee In The World Conclusion

While the previous five categories are certainly not listed in any particular order, all of the ranking companies are providing very powerful products.

I highly approve of all of the coffees and urge you to check them out.  As always though, drink with caution! 

Stay Caffeinated My Friends



Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Review

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Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Quick Summary

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend Review

Looking for coffees to try, but you aren’t totally sure what will be a waste of money?  Check out this FREE, QUICK and EASY review of Peet’s Coffee Major DIckasons Blend.

Who is this for: Anyone who is content with decent coffee and looking to branch out.

Flavor: Pretty Good (4/5)

  • Comes With 37 Favors
  • 9 Sizes

Cost: $11.64 for the world’s strongest coffee (4.1/5)

Caffeine Strength:  267mg’s per 16 oz Cup (3.8/5)

Aroma: Extremely powerful (4.6/5)

Would I Recommend? Yes!

Score: 82.5%

Peet’s Coffee Reviews

“This stuff is quality! No jarring aftertaste. Smells great. Complex flavoring without too much bite. Plenty of caffeine. Doesn’t make me feel like crap afterward. Makes me feel good! If this is what wet processed coffee from Central America is all about, I’m all for it.” – Rich

This is the best coffee that I have tasted in a while. I wasn’t happy with the Starbuck breakfast blend, and a friend of mine recommended getting Peets, and everytime I see him, I thank him! I love the flavor so much! Its rich, its bold, and yet delightfully mellowa perfect combination to wake you up feeling fresh. I have also noticed that I don’t experience a caffeine crash after I have Peets, which is great. I think I may have just found my coffee soulmate.” – Utsarga

“After all these years, still the best coffee you can get. Keep in mind that even the book about the history of Starbucks has a mention of how they wanted to model their product after Peet’s… and Peet’s just caries so much about flavor, roasting, complexity, etc., etc. that you can’t go wrong. You might say “welllllll, my local coffee house does an amazing job”, but you know what, most local coffee roasters still don’t have the expertise or the equipment, or the scientists and artists behind Peet’s coffee… even Starbucks supposedly over-roasts their beans for consistency, and Starbucks is a little too speedy and anxiety causing for me. Peet’s is to Coffee what a great vintner is to wine… they’re true connoisseurs. Enjoy! Also, as a suggestion, just keep shopping and shopping and shopping and eventually you’ll see some great deals on here…” – Ben Bethel

Peet’s Coffee

More than a few times as a college student, and even after college, I have found myself at the mercy of coffee.

In college at Kutztown University I relied on extreme cheap coffee to get me through class and early morning activities.  Often times I found myself let down because the coffee was either gross, or lacking in potency.

Have you been there?

If so, Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend is for you then.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Flavor

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend ReviewThis coffee’s flavor works extremely well with both black coffee drinkers, and lovers of cream and sugar.  This is a flexible coffee and is worthy of giving it your attention.

When I poured Dickason’s Blend into my classic bow-tie wolf coffee mug I didn’t know what to expect.  The strong aroma set the bar pretty high, but the smell will get it’s section a little bit below this.

Disclaimer: I am very bias towards black coffee.  I love drinking coffee black and I like it gross.

Now, I will say that this coffee hit the spot on my taste buds.  It wasn’t gross to the point that was actually unenjoyable, but was bitter enough that I absolutely loved it.  In fact, I actually bought another bag just to have.

Upon trying with Hazelnut creamer (i’m convinced you could use ANY creamer with this coffee) I also realized that this Coffee is capable of even tasting amazing with creamer.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Flavor gets a higher score in this review, because it is decent with cream and/or just drinking black.

Flavor Conclusion: Awesome flavor with great combination options

Peet’s Coffee Cost

Ever walk through the coffee section of your local Giant or Target and wonder about the prices, and if they reflect the quality of the coffee?

I bought this blend for less than $12 and had that same thought above.  So I went through the process with my Mr. Coffee machine and got everything ready  for the review.  To make a long story short, Peet’s Coffee surprised me.  It was actually really good for costing less than $12.

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend Review

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I’m not in charge of marketing this coffee, butIf I were in charge of selling this coffee I might have actually bumped up the price to $14.99

because I don’t think the price reflects the quality well.

In any case, this coffee is affordable and tastes great.  You would be saving a lot of money if you bought this, and stopped buying single drinks at Dunkin’ or Starbucks.

Peet’s Coffee Caffeine Content

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend ReviewHave you ever consumed coffee that was too strong?  maybe even been sent into a panic attack by coffee?

Good news, Major Dickason’s Blend is powerful but also merciful at the same time.  Confused? stay with me on this.

Dickason’s Blend contains 200.3 mg’s of caffeine per 12oz cup, or 267 mg’s of caffeine per 16 oz cup.

The average person shouldn’t exceed 400mg’s of caffeine in a day, so this blend gives you some mercy and power at the same time.

This enables you to drink two 12 oz cups of this coffee for maximum effect, or if you like the taste.  You may also have one 16 oz cup and satisfy your coffee addiction.

==> Check out Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend

Peet’s Coffee Aroma

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend Review

This area is actually quite funny for me to review, specifically with Peet’s Coffee.  To give you a glimpse into why, you will have to understand the lead up to this review…

I arrived at the local Giant and shimmied my way on over to the coffee section.  As I looked through the coffees on display and saw Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend and I somehow knew I would buy and review that one…

…I smelled the degassing valve on the bag, and it was great.  AfterwardsI purchased the coffee but there was something unexpected that occurred that I haven’t encountered before with any other coffee…

My car quickly filled up with the glorious smell of this coffee.  My girlfriend and I had to actually acknowledge how intense the aroma was, and it was only a 4 minute drive back to where we live.

When I got everything together in my Mr. Coffee machine I noticed a few things about the smell

  1. The smell filled the room quickly, which was great
  2. The aroma was actually strong and distinct in its smell
  3. It was extremely pleasant

The smell alone was, in my mind, phenomenal.  It was what you hoped most coffees smelled like.  Keep in mind that this isn’t some award winning mega coffee, the smell was incredible however.

If you are trying to impress someone you are into (who likes coffee) then this is a game changer.

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Peet’s Coffee Summary

Peet's Coffee Major Dickasons blendMy experience with this coffee was comparatively very positive.  The caffeine wasn’t superb, but the coffee was pretty great overall

Who is this for: Anyone who is content with decent coffee

Flavor: Pretty Good (4/5)

  • Comes With 37 Favors
  • 9 Sizes

Cost: $11.64 for the world’s strongest coffee (4.1/5)

Caffeine Strength:  267mg’s per 16 oz Cup (3.8/5)

Aroma: Extremely powerful (4.6/5)

Would I Recommend? Yes!

Score: 82.5%

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have had some really terrible coffees in my life.  I have had some excellent, and some average.  Major Dickason’s Blend was great and worth noting.

I would feel the highest confidence in recommending Peet’s Coffee to anyone.


For more about who I am, come get to know me on my About Page

Stay Caffeinated My Friends