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I created this death wish coffee review site to help others finally save their money, time and health by bringing the world’s top rated coffee to the forefront of the internet.

A Bit About Me

See after years of drinking coffee and buying others coffee in college ministry and not being satisfied with taste, smell, my health after drinking and the cost of purchasing coffee, I decided to put together this site as a resource for the coffee that is going to satisfy all of the drinkers out there.

I am a college graduate from Kutztown University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and sports marketing.  The lovely lady in my picture is Kassidy, who also enjoys coffee just as much as myself.

Coffee Comparison

Coffee has gotten both me and Kassidy through college (if we are completely honest), and we hope to bring the world’s strongest coffee to your taste buds, and central nervous system.

During our time at college we have tried numerous brands and types of coffee.

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