How To Make Coffee At Home

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How To Make Coffee At Home

How to make coffee at homeHello my fellow coffee drinker! If you are curious about how to make coffee at home, then this article is for you…

…Let’s keep this quick and simple for you

Items you will need:

  1. Coffee Grinds
  2. Coffee Filters
  3. Coffee Machine
  4. Water

How To Use A Coffee Machine – Step 1

coffee machinesThis is the foundation step and starting point for anyone looking to make coffee at home.

Without a coffee machine you may as well just stop and drink water, or something.

I recommend the Mr. Coffee Programmable 12 Cup Coffee Maker for the job.

This coffee maker is very affordable compared to a majority of coffee makersIt also holds 12 cups worth, and you can program it with timers and such.

If you are new to the realm of brewing then I also recommend this coffee maker because it keeps it simple, making your brewing process easy and quick.

How To Use A Coffee Machine – Step 2

coffee filter paperThis step is  really easy and quick, so you can be off to making coffee in no time at all.  For this step you will need your coffee filter.

Now you need to open to the top of the coffee machine to reveal a compartment with a bowl-like piece on the inside.  Simply stick your coffee filter into that bowl piece…

( Check out this really basic and easy to use coffee machine )

…This is so that you have something to put your coffee grinds on inside the machine.  If you skip this step you will have coffee grinds all over the inside of your coffee.

Also, it is important to note that after you are done making coffee, you should throw the filter the grinds in it away.

How To Use A Coffee Machine – Step 3

While the first two steps are crucial, this step may be the most important, but only in terms of your coffee’s overall quality.

There are generally two different approaches taken:

Eye Balling – How To Make Coffee At Home

how to make good coffeeYou don’t use exact measurements to save time, and just use an amount of coffee grinds that looks decent with the amount of water you have.

For years I made my coffee this way, and so I am qualified to tell you why this might not be the better of the two approaches…

…Because you didn’t actually measure you always run the risk of not having enough grinds in, thus, watering down your coffee

You will also run the risk of putting way too many coffee grinds into your filter.  This can lead to overpowering coffee, which can overstimulate you and give you headaches.

Coffee machines

Golden Rule – How To Make Good Coffee At Home

coffee beanThis is a very real ratio you can use to always make the perfect roast of coffee.

In our modern day world where everything is instantly in front of us at our request, this method is the king…

Simply use 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds for every 6 oz’s of water!

this ensures that you will always have enough coffee grinds no matter what amount you choose to use.

Side Note On Measurements

If you are confused like I usually am about how to measure coffee just remember, the coffee pot on your coffee machine will always have measurement lines for you to look at.

How To Make Coffee At Home – Final Step

how to make coffee at homeAt this point you should have your coffee machine all set, your filter on the inside with your coffee grinds measured out, or not measured out…

Now you simply put in your desired amount of water, turn your coffee machine on and wait for your coffee to brew!

How To Make Coffee At Home – Bonus Step

You will, at this point, have your basic black coffee.  You can leave it at that (I love black coffee and would prefer that) or you can try and add some flavorings…

…This is a really quick set of flavor tips I use to keep it healthier and tasty:

  1.  Add in Cinnamon instead of sugar
  2.  Make ice cubes out of coffee with/without creamer and have them floating around
  3.  Add a small amount of unsalted, grass-fed better to boost energy and help with weight loss (See more coffee and weight loss here)
  4.  Add salt into your black coffee, because the saltiness counteracts the bitterness of black coffee

How To Make Coffee – Mistakes

how to make coffeeThis section is a collection of things I did wrong during the roasting process that absolutely ruined my coffee…

This is purely for your benefit, so please, learn from my mistakes.

Cleaning with soap

I am going to come out and firstly state that you NEED to actually wash your coffee pot out every once in a while.  I have known people who never wash their pot out, and it looks like complete trash…

When you don’t want your coffee pot out there are a few things that can happen:

  1.   You get coffee residue that builds up literally everywhere.  Your coffee pot and your actual coffee machine will experience a buildup.
  2.   When you look inside your coffee machine you will start to see what looks like spider webs, or fuzz.  This is mold starting to grow on the inside of the machine due to dampness, residue from the coffee, and super limited sun light.

how to make coffeeI personally will wash my coffee pot at least one time per week with soap.  You don’t need to wash it every single day, but once a week is probably a good thing.

This helps cut back on the mold potential, and eliminate any bacteria that has already starting collecting.

Run hot water through the coffee machine

how to make coffeeThis tactic is the one I do maybe once or twice a week also.  The idea is that you use the machine’s heated water to sort of rinse out the machine…

…simply put the water into the machine, do not insert any coffee filters, or grinds.  The machine will automatically heat the water up when you turn it on…

The water will circulate around in the machine and carry coffee residues and mold potentials out into the coffee pot.

You should notice that the water coming out of your coffee pot has a slight yellow or orange-ish color to it.

Both of these methods drastically cut back on the chance for mold to grow in the machine, and also prevents harmful bacteria from making it into your coffee.

Washing The Coffee Machine Parts

One part that I wanted to cover by itself is the dish-like part that holds the paper coffee filter.

More than a few times I have opened that up to a scene of disgust.

This part is usually the dampest area, especially if you do what I do, and forget to throw away the filter after making coffee.

Because it is so damp and void of sunlight you get excessive mold growth.  My advice about cleaning this compartment is simple…no mercy.

Trying to find out how to make coffee at home can be super rewarding, so don’t lose heart.  Fight the mold!

As soon as you see buildup and/or mold, take it out and wash itYou do not want to let this slide and be lenient because everything in that dish will find its way into your coffee

…In the past when I have not effectively and actively washed this compartment out I have noticed my coffee quality plummets.  The residue made my coffee taste burnt, and it even gave me headaches.

I advise that you wash this part out with soap, but only if you actually notice anything…otherwise you can just run hot water through it.

It is my hope that you found this article to be extremely helpful.  If I missed anything important, please let me know in the comments section.

Best of wishes, and here is to the best cup of coffee you will ever have!

Caden Strause

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