Coffee Grinders – The Difference Between Coffee Beans And Coffee Grinds

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Whole Coffee Beans VS. Coffee Grinds

coffee machine with grinderMaybe this describes something you have been wondering:

Why does anyone go through the trouble of buying coffee beans and coffee grinders, when they could just buy the coffee already ground up?”

Is there a real reason that people jump through hoops to grind their own coffee, or is their coffee ego compelling them to more work?

The Answer

There is a clear difference that you can almost immediately detect between the two if you were drinking both styles.

The Taste

Once your beans have been ground and put through your coffee making process you will experience a difference in taste.  One thing you will observe is that the coffee will taste more like it actually smells.

Any flavor of creamer will also taste better with self-ground beans.

The Caffeine

CaffeineMy most favorite improvement in drinking self-ground coffee is the effectiveness of the caffeine.  In the context of what I am talking about, the caffeine is more satisfying. here is what I mean…

You should experience a greater appetite suppression effect.  Sometimes with bad coffee it can hurt your stomach, but for the most part, self-ground coffee beans.

You should feel less hungry for a longer time period, which can be good if you are intermittently fasting.

Common Problems With Regular Coffee Grinds

This is a topic that I am passionate about within the realm of coffee.  I love to help others out, because believe it or not sometimes the average coffee grinds aren’t the best for you for the following reasons…

Reason One: Mold In Your Coffee

Coffee moldIt is now a proven fact that some bags of store-bought grinds may contain a small amount of mold.  You have no idea how long that bag of coffee grinds has been sitting in a warehouse…

…You also have no idea how old that coffee may be.  K-Cups went through a recent controversy because mold was found in a large amount of the product.

The company may proclaim the fanciness of their coffee grinds, but ultimately you cannot know exactly where the coffee came from, and how long it has been sitting around before being purchased…

Reason Two: Cancer Causing Factors

Another huge reason I personally prefer grinding coffee beans over buying them store-bought is due to the cancer causing factors.  You may be hearing this for the first time, so this means a lot to me.

Let’s talk about K-Cups first.

K-cups have been studied for possible cancer causing agents.  It is warned that the plastic cup may actually be cancerous due to super heating the plastic under the extremely hot water in a Keurig Coffee Machine.

==> Study on plastics and cancer in your consumables

Decaffeinated Coffee

Decaf is now known for possessing cancer causing agents.  Decaf has the potential to be cancerous depending entirely on the process used to create it…

…It can be a reality that certain chemicals used to decaffeinate the grinds can actually be harmful for you.  Methyl Chloride is used to produce decaf coffee and is known to be a carcinogenic, or, cancer causing agent. 


How Coffee Grinders Solve This Problem

Coffee Bean GrinderWhen you buy a bag of organic coffee beans, rest assured that the chemicals used on the beans are far less than  the amount in decaf and coffee grinds.

Grinding your own beans is not only healthier, but as you find out, will be more cost efficient in the long run.

You may pay a few cents more for a bag of coffee beans, but it will last you longer and here is why:

  1. You will have a better gauge for the amount you are using, and wont overdo it
  2. Most coffee grinders limit how much beans you put in to a degree.  They will help you to make your supply last longer
  3. Beans that are ground and then used for coffee will produce a more superior taste than regular store-bought grinds.

Coffee Grinders I Recommend

1. Cuisenart DCG-20N

Cuisinart DCG-20NI recommend this specific brand and design of coffee grinder due to its ease of use and effectiveness.  I have used this such coffee grinder many times and every single time I am blown away by it.

You simply plug it in, put your desired amount of coffee beans in, attach the lip and hold one button…

Within literal seconds you have extremely well ground coffee grinds that work great in a coffee machine and produce a favorable taste.

Don’t just take my word for it though, look at these testimonials.

The best grinder out there! I ordered this one for my son. My daughter got me one several years ago and it’s still working like a champ. So it deserves a place on everyone’s shelf! Money well spent!” – C. Perry

Great quality, low price, very easy to use and clean.
Grinding my own beans at home has taken my morning coffee to the next level.
Highly recommend.” – MJB

No surprises…which is exactly what I want in a coffee grinder. It is sturdy and takes up little space in my very small kitchen. It grinds perfectly and very quickly.” – Rupertdacat

 2.  Secura Automatic Conical Burr Coffee Grinder CBG-018

Secura Automatic Conical Burr Coffee Grinder CBG-018I bring this up as a recommended coffee grinder because of its efficiency.  This grinder is not a jumble of cheap plastic parts and overpriced hardware.

The Burr CBG-018 is a solid coffee grinder that comes with 18 different grind settingsThe blade can also be removed for a greater clean.

Unlike the DCG-20N this coffee grinder can hold a larger amount of grinds allowing for the person grinding to make more coffee.

I can’t stand those extra strong or flavored coffees. I prefer my coffee the old-fashioned way and this grinder is more than adequate. I use a setting in the mid-range, not anywhere near espresso or French press. Also, I prefer the light roast but will use medium on occasion. I like this grinder because it has a reservoir on top and I can grind as much or as little as I want at a time with little fuss.” – Doug

This grinder is sleek and simple. It handles well and grinds the coffee beans to the expected grind. It is not terribly loud, as far as grinders go, and grinds quickly.” – Lisa 

Had it for a month. Woks very well, with easy, effective controls.” – UncleBobby

How To Make Coffee With A Coffee Grinder

Coffee BeansFirst: Actually pick out which coffee bean you are going to use.  Really think about the aroma, the strength of the bean, and ultimately what you are looking for in your cup of coffee.

Do you want a weaker cup with a great taste? Maybe you are looking for a strong roast with a darker flavor?

I usually prefer a dark roast because I can be sensitive to caffeine.  In this case I like to grind my coffee beans into a fine (but not too fine) powder.

Mr. CoffeeSecond: Measure out how much grinds you are going to use and what amount of water you are going to need.  At this point in the coffee game I am okay with eyeballing it…

…However, you are here to learn and so I will teach you the correct ways of brewing.

The “Golden Rule” for brewing coffee is to use 1-2 tablespoons of coffee grinds for every 6oz’s of water.  Check your coffee pot, because most of the time the pot will have lines on the side so you can measure a lot easier.

Third: Once you have your preferred amount of coffee and water, put them into the machine.  If your coffee machine has settings, adjust it to the setting of your choosing.

Remember, your coffee grinds need to be used with a coffee filter, or you can even use a paper towel as a make-shift filter.

Fourth: Simply turn the machine on once everything is set, kick back and wait for the glory.

Coffee Grinders Conclusion

Coffee Bean GrinderCoffee is usually good by itself to most people, but coffee isn’t always great.  Coffee grinders add flavor and caffeine strength that are often times left out with conventional brewing processes.

Some of the richest cups of coffee I have ever had have come from grinding down my own coffee beans and brewing with them.  You without a doubt tell the difference between grinding your own coffee beans, and just brewing with store-bought grinds.

CoffeeMy goal was to add as much value to your coffee, and your knowledge of coffee.  I hope your horizons have been broadened and you feel encouraged to experiment with your morning cup of joe

…Please feel free to join in and leave a comment under this, and let me know what you think. I would love to start a conversation with you.

Stay Caffeinated My Friends

Caden Strause

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