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Coffee Can Make You Live Longer

In two very large case studies done Coffee Health - The Benefits of Coffeeon men and women over the course of 24 years, there was two prominent results with coffee drinkers.

Men who consumed a “cup of joe” had a 20% less mortality rate than non-drinkersWomen on the other hand experienced 26% lower rate of death over the course of 18-24 years.

The Metro is quoting as saying “Drinking three cups of coffee a day could add years to your life, suggest studies“.

Workout Recovery – Coffee Reduces Workout Pain

Benefits of Coffee - Sore Muscle TreatmentSick of being painfully sore after working out? Stretching and coffee can help you!

In a study done (Here) a double-blind study was done on caffeine and lifting weights.  In the study those who consumed two cups experienced on average 48% less pain afterwards.

Caffeine’s pain relief properties have been studied for a while now.  The study shows that, at least for women, non-regular consumers experience a higher reduction in post-exercise soreness in the muscles.

That being said, frequent habitual consumption of caffeine can build up a tolerance to it.  While pain relief is a factor of caffeine, it is possible to drink too much of it and become desensitized to the effects over time.

Moral of The Story: drink coffee after working out for help with relieving the pain

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Coffee Can Help Lower Risks Of Certain Cancer Types

Coffee Prevents CancerThis is huge! Most people have been effected by cancer in way during the course of their lives.  Either they have fought against the killer, or someone they knew has.

Research reveals that coffee actually helps fight two types of cancer:

  1. colorectal cancer 
  2. liver cancer

Coffee contains an abundance of antioxidants which help tremendously in the fight to prevent cancer.  The World Health Organization up until recently had thought coffee was a cancer inducing agent.

They have officially taken coffee off of the their list of cancer causing substances, or carcinogens.

Coffee Makes You Smarter

coffee makes you smarterNext time someone argues with you over coffee just let them in on this little fact.  Coffee makes you smarter!

The caffeine in coffee is obviously a stimulant which actually stimulates the cells in your body to move in a more rapid fashion.  The caffeine also blocks out the effects of Adenosine.

Blocking out Adenosine helps your brains cognitive functions and allows its neurological functions to fire a lot better

Coffee Is Good For Your Teeth

Coffee Helps Your TeethThis may come as a shock to you.  The fact that coffee stains your teeth over decades of continuous drinking is not what we are talking about here.

Coffee, when consumed black (no milk or sugar) kills bacteria on your teeth that would otherwise contribute to cavities and tooth decay. 

Milk and sugar will negate this effect, so just drink it black

While coffee may be beneficial for your teeth, please remember to still brush your teeth.  It doesn’t get rid of your bad breath.

Coffee Helps You Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Coffee Helps You Burn FatBelieve it or not, but hundreds of studies on coffee actually tell of its fat burning properties.

Consumption of coffee helps your body to oxidize fat cells at a better rate, and even helps keep your heart rate elevated during exercise.

The caffeine stimulates your body and can help it burn fat, lose water weight and even aids in suppressing hunger.

==> Check out this in-depth article I wrote on how coffee helps you lose weight

For regular gym goers, this next one is for you

Due to coffee being a powerful stimulant, and fat burner it can effectively take the place of those pricey fat burner supplements.

Coffee does almost the same exact thing, but for only a fraction of the cost.

Drink a cup about 45 minutes to an hour away from the gym.  You will be able to feel the difference.  As for what kind of coffee you should drink, you should only drink black coffee.

Brewed caffeine saves you money and if used correctly can give you phenomenal results.

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