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Did You Know Drinking 2-6 Cups Of Coffee A Day Burns Away Fat?

Coffee FactsWhen it comes to coffee facts, this may be the most favored one…

..This is because Coffee is what is known as a Thermogenic.  Basically, it helps turn your body into a fat burning furnace.  Here is why…

…Coffee stimulates your central nervous system.  Don’t worry, I won’t crush you with science.  Essentially coffee’s impact on your nervous system makes your body do a bunch of things:

  1.  The body’s core temperature is raised a little bit
  2. Your heart rate elevates and the heart beats faster and harder than normal
  3. Breathing can elevate with the heart rate
  4. Hunger disappears
  5. Your body gets rid of waste faster

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ALL of those factors contribute to weight loss!  Your body’s temperature is raised, so your body has to actually work harder (burning more calories) just to bring your temperature down to normal levels…

Your heart rate increases to help burn more calories to bring the temperature down, but then forces your breathing to quicken.  This is because your body now needs more oxygen…

…Meanwhile the caffeine is telling your brain “you aren’t actually that hungry” and “get rid of the waste you have”.  Coffee does this because it is a diuretic, and makes you get rid of excess waste (urine and feces).

Coffee Also Has Almost No Calories

Coffee FactsIf you drink coffee without sugar and black, then it practically only has 2-5 calories per cup.  The calories are so low in coffee that it is practically considered to have no calories

0 calories paired with the above fact that it makes you burn more calories means you can effectively burn fat with coffee. want to know more about coffee and weight loss? check out my article on it, Coffee Weight Loss

Coffee is also an incredible tool for intermittent fasting.  You can drink coffee on an empty stomach, which forces your body to burn calories.  Here is the best part though, it makes your body use the fat stored on your frame!

Coffee Is The Second Highest Traded Commodity In The World

Coffee FactsYou might never have thought about it, but how many people do you know that drink coffee? How many people do you know claim to be full blown coffee fanatics, or addicts? The reality is that coffee is not just popular, it is extremely popular…

…Coffee also has addictive properties.  The result of an extremely popular drink with addictive effects on the brain? The second most traded good in the world! the only think that totally beats coffee in trade is oil.

You can probably start to get a picture for why the coffee business is so large.  In fact, there are over 25 million farmers worldwide who grow and sell coffee

…Weirder still is that the United States barely capitalizes on this.  Hawaii is the only state that commercially grows and sells coffee.  This is only true because their climate allows it however.

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The Average American Will Spend Around $20 A Week On Coffee

Coffee FactsYou are tired and passing by a Dunkin’ Donuts or a Starbucks and pull in for some coffee.  You order your coffee drink which could range from $2.50-$4 depending on what you get.  That is assuming you only buy one drink.  A lot of consumers will actually purchase multiple coffees a day…

…This means that the average American will actually spend over $1,000 a year just in quick coffee.  You would actually save hundreds of dollars by buying bags at a grocery store and making your own…

…Let’s do the math.  If you even bought an expensive coffee at $20-$25 a pound and could make that bag last you 2 weeks, or maybe even three weeks you could save at the least over $500 a year!

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America Drinks Over 400 Million Cups Of Coffee Per Day

Coffee FactsAmerica is the leading consumer in coffee per day, as well as per year.  America will consumer at least 145 billion cups of coffee before the end of the year…

…To put in perspective how much coffee that is you can look to Niagra Falls.  The amount of coffee American’s drink every day is enough to flow over Niagra Falls for nearly 3 whole minutes! The amount every year would be able to flow over Niagra Falls for almost 18 hours and 15 minutes.

That is a lot of coffee, America…

Coffee Facts Conclusion

As you can see, coffee is a big stinkin’ deal around the world, and especially in America.  I hope you were able to take some mind blowing facts away, while having fun reading in the process.

Stay Caffeinated My Friends

Caden Strause

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  1. Brittany Miller

    The first part about coffee and weight loss are very true! There are a few youtube channels I follow that use the coffee approach. They all wake up, drink coffee and chill out without food and burn fat. I wonder if different coffees give you different results?

    1. admin Post author

      i’m not sure about the different coffees and different results. I have tried the intermittent fasting with coffee and I really enjoyed it! I actually did lose some weight. Thanks for the feedback!


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