Top 5 Strongest Coffees in The World

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“What Is The Strongest Coffee In The World?”

Strongest Coffee In The WorldYou’re halfway through your first cup of coffee…

“This wasn’t too strong, I guess I will need to pour a second cup.” We tell ourselves as we are off to work or classes.

The caffeine is starting to hit your brain and you are feeling it, but not as intensely as you wanted.

Then you have a thought, as small one that sets forth a thought process.

I wonder what the strongest coffee in the world is like?

Welcome O’ Corsair of Caffeine! Today is your lucky day, because you are about to get the answer to that question above.  Buckle up and prepare for Central Nervous System Domination.  The list in not in order.

1. Banned Coffee

Banned CoffeeWhile this brand boasts many things such as: vitamins, great taste and strong aromas, they have another interesting claim.  Banned Coffee brags that they are the “strongest coffee in the world.”

Banned Coffee claims to have 237 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz cup!

the average person is allowed to consumer up to 400 mg’s of caffeine before overdose symptoms occur, so you can still have a little more than 6oz’s of Banned Coffee before it will get weird for you.  We advise you also drink in accordance with what you body can handle.

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Whether Banned Coffee is the strongest coffee in the world or not is up for a debate, but there is one thing that is definite about Banned Coffee.  It. Is. STRONG!

Banned Coffee

2. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish CoffeeYou may have heard of Death Wish Coffee before.  In fact, they had their company advertised during the Super 50 football game.

From humble beginnings to global caffeine superpower, Death Wish Coffee makes the list due to sheer power.  Take a look at the bag to the left of this, there is a skull and crossbones.  Talk about intimidation factor!

According to their website, and, Death Wish Coffee has 374 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz! Death Wish even has a unique “No B.S.” return policy.  Their policy is that if Death Wish Coffee isn’t the strongest coffee you have ever had, they will gladly give you your money back.

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So basically one 6oz cup of deathwish is good for any individual.  One thing you can be sure of with Death Wish Coffee is also the quality of taste!  This is done through what Death Wish calls a “perfect roasting process”

Whether the website is accurate in their claim to strength or not, you can rest assured that Death Wish Coffee may be the strongest coffee in the world. Check out my more in-depth Death Wish Coffee Review.

Death Wish Coffee Caffeine

3. Black Insomnia

Black Insomnia CoffeeBlack Insomnia is somewhat of a covert killer among the others ranking on this list.  Have you even heard of Black Insomnia? probably not, but you should get acquainted with this coffee company, and quick!

This particular coffee makes a monstrous claim similar to Death Wish Coffee, and that is the power of their blend.

Coming out of the bushes on you with a total of 351 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz cup, this coffee deserves respect.

From the information presented on their website it looks like this is the coffee for individuals who prefer black coffee.  The mix of vulgarity and warnings about consuming too much of this coffee leads us to believe this is the real deal.  

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While being slightly less caffeinated than Death Wish Coffee, their top review claims that Death Wish is for pre-schoolers compared to this coffee.

Black Insomnia Coffee

4. Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard CoffeeBiohazard Coffee may take the cake for dangerously caffeinated coffee.

Black Insomnia told us above on their website that they scaled back their caffeine levels to make it safe for the public, but Biohazard doesn’t seem to think the same way.

Biohazard proudly boasts on their website that they have over 928 mg’s of caffeine for a 12oz cup.

This means their claim to fame is 464 mg’s of caffeine per 6oz cup.  As stated above, the average person experience overdose symptoms after 400 mg’s of caffeine.

When we talk about overdose, we don’t mean death either.  We are talking about THESE signs.

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In any case, this coffee will beyond a shadow of a doubt bring you out of your sleepy state in the morning.  Their company also states FREE SHIPPING to US customers

As with all highly caffeinated drinks, we advise that you gauge what you personally are capable of, and drink with caution.

Biohazard Coffee

5. Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee CoKiller Coffee let’s their buyers know that the coffee is “industrial strength” grade caffeine.

It is safe to say that they are not wrong, as their coffee is listed at 305 mg’s per 6oz cup.  While that is not the strongest on the list, be aware that it can still knock you on your butt.

This company is particularly fun to also order from, because for the most part you get merchandise with your coffee purchases.  The merchandise varies between normal mugs, bullet casings, grenade mugs and skull mugs.

In any case this is yet another coffee roast that demands your respect.

The coffee also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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Strongest Coffee In The World Conclusion

While the previous five categories are certainly not listed in any particular order, all of the ranking companies are providing very powerful products.

I highly approve of all of the coffees and urge you to check them out.  As always though, drink with caution! 

Stay Caffeinated My Friends


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